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What is Chakra Balancing?

A Chakra is a key point on the body through which energy flows, a vital site where the subtle body and the material body influence one another. While there are many minor chakras in the body, the most serious and important chakras lie along the spine, from the root of the spine to the top of the head. This corresponds roughly to the central nervous system, the most important energy transfer system in the physical body.

The Chakras act as energy sources and “gates” for the flow of energy through the body – if we imagine the flow of energy as a stream, collecting in pools before flowing on, the chakras are the point where the water pours from one pool and flows on to another. They can become blocked, causing the pool to back up and become stagnant; or they can even overwork, draining the pool behind. When this happens, we can experience a .huge range of problems, and our bodies need to rebalance once more:

Chakra Balancing can be added to all treatments for an additional £5